Jussi Tiainen is an acclaimed photographer of architecture and fine art. His work is regularly exhibited in Finland and abroad and can be found in many important collections. He is also a recipient of several grants.

Jussi Tiainen at work.
Jussi Tiainen photograph Lucien den Arend

Tiainen has taught architectural photography in many universities including Helsinki School of Art and Design and Helsinki University of Technology.

Jussi Tiainen is also a recognized publisher and editor in his field. His works include e.g. the New Finnish Architecture (1996), Finnish Architecture (1994-1999), Contemporary Finnish Architecture (2002), the New Finnish Architecture (2002), Helsinki Contemporary Urban Architecture (2004), the New Finnish Architecture Volume II (2005), Wood Architecture in Finland (2007), Artist Spaces (2006), Concrete Architecture in Finland (2008), Helsinki, Spaces (2009), and Human Scale in Finnish Architecture (2011).

Tavastian takahuone. Kuva Jussi Tiainen.
Tavastia ante-room photographer Jussi Tiainen

Light in Architectural Photography. Relatio artis –seminar 26.5.2011

Architectural photographer Jussi Tiainen’s speech Light in Architectural Photography focused on the artistic characteristics of architectural photography. How does one change the three-dimensional into two dimensional? How to truthfully describe the existing and still achieve a visionary image?

The starting point is always good architecture. It is in the hands of the photographer, in turn, to transmit the building’s atmosphere to the viewer. The selection of perspective and vanishing point and classical layout of the picture are the cornerstones of the process. It is also important to find those points of view on the building that are accessible to all viewers. The viewer can then choose to see what the photographer saw - even mentally continue from where the photographer left and thus be able to analyze and compare his own perception of the space with the photographer’s vision.

Porthania. Kuva Jussi Tiainen
Porthania photographer Jussi Tiainen

Technical implementation requires a correct tool. For Jussi Tiainen this is a view camera. The challenge and advantage of this type of camera is that a subject is projected upside down and left is right. A three-dimensional world is transformed into a clearly two dimensional picture, within which the contrasts, colors and composition of the architecture can be made visible.

Light plays an important and sometimes decisive role in the successful implementation of the architecture of the image. In particular in the Northern hemisphere the light offers excellent opportunities for the photographer. In Finland, architectural photography is essentially nature photography. The photographer has to adapt to the seasonal variations that transform nature and bring significant changes in light intensity. Lighting conditions also ultimately lead to the exact choice of the subject and the composition is made only on the spot. Like a painter Jussi Tiainen captures the fleeting moment – his photography describes what is.

Katariina Lipsanen

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