Kari Huhtamo Art Foundation congratulates Kari Huhtamo on his 70th birthday and wishes him many creative years.

Dear friends!

Kari Huhtamo 70 years - this is it. Kari’s production has been extensive and complex from the early 1960's onwards. He has dealt with wood, clay, bronze and steel and made wall hangings, graphic art and realistic portraits. Kari’s recent works show no sign of hesitation – a trait typical to many aging artists. On the contrary, his amazingly accurate, dazzlingly bright and immaterially lyrical works float effortlessly in the ambient space. Although Kari’s sculptures are honed mirror bright and made out of acid-proof stainless steel, they are tinted with human poetry, youthful humor and playful surrealism. Even though in these works a sense of connection with nature could be seen to carry national romantic overtones, Kari works unconditionally on the international and global level. His art is free from the pathetic and national sectarianism plaguing sculpture.

Kari's sculptures seem to magically avert gravity. This phenomenon creates an airy appearance, highlighted by glistening light reflections and shadows on the surface of the works, the constantly changing and immaterial patina. These works literally represent the victory of mind over matter. He has cut out countless amounts of paper sketches and taken the time to utilize the new information technology in the creative phase. In this way virtual images and animations anticipate the finished work. Despite their abstract nature Kari’s sculptures associate with natural complex structures: the rhythm of continuous movement or changes in tempo in music. In them we can see images of dancing, or even fluid and whimsical rhythms of skating. Kari’s vitality, which produces pleasure to the creator, is easily conveyed to the public. The sensual positivity comes close to the viewer, observer – the mark of life.

In the futuristic film "Metropolis" (1927), well-known German director Fritz Lang shows robots working in the way of production machinery, which is driven by intelligent brains and mechanical hands. But the machine is destroyed when there’s a heart missing between these factors. Looking at Kari’s art, we can say that the brain and the vitality of skilled hands are maintained primarily by the warm pulse of his heart.

In this connection, I would also like to congratulate Kari’s invaluable background forces: his spouse Tutteli, as well as daughters Taina and Eili and their families.

I suggest a toast for Kari!

Jorma Hautala 11/01/2013

Kari Huhtamo Art Foundation congratulates Kari Huhtamo on his 70th birthday.
Kari Huhtamo kuva © Heikki Lahelma