Alma Heikkilä (b. 1984)

ALMA HEIKKILä (b.1984)

The artist's role is to be free, but critical. Art enables one bring such things up, that can’t be handled through politics or research. Art can remove mental barriers and find new frontiers, even if this is not immediately evident. I am a social person, but I do not use my art as a policy instrument.

The size of the work is always relevant to me. I often ponder about the relationship between my works and the physics of the viewer. There are also very small details, as well as differences in gloss finish in my works, which make them quite difficult to present through photography.

Pälkäne-born Alma Heikkilä lives and works in Hyrynsalmi and Helsinki. She completed an MFA at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. Heikkilä does paintings, installations, videos, and photographs. She has exhibited widely in galleries and museums in Finland (Kiasma, Oulu Museum of Art, Forum Box, Gallery Ama) and in other countries (Russia, Italy, Sweden, Germany). She also works as a curator and is the co-founder of two artist run projects Oksasenkatu 11 and Mustarinda. Her works are in the collections of EMMA, Sara Hilden, Kiasma, Heino and the Finnish State Art Museum Collections.

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ALMA HEIKKILä (b.1984)